Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keeping up!

Hello All, today over at Diabetes Daily, Diabetic_Iz_Me featured me as a guest blogger. I was very appreciative of that(: (thanks Cherise!) As for me i'm doing A-Ok and is looking foward and preparing for my doctors Appt. on this upcpoming Thursday. I will keep you all posted and im aiming for a A1c of 6.9 and below!!!
talk to you all soon, Adios(:

-Lexia ♥

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long time no blog...

I know,so much for keepin up with blogging. I just have Been really busy lately, from school to to tennis try-outs, and of course this crazy roller coaster we call diabetes. As most of you know last week I tried out for tennis! But, unfortuntately I did not make the team)..: they chose the whole entire team from last year and not a single new person): I mean really if you were going to pick the same people than what was the point for the try outs... Anyways- OmniPod is standing it's ground. I have had the most stable numbers I have seen in some time, even though my basal rates need to be adjusted just a little, I'm sure to have a great endo appt. come next Thursday. Also I have started to fit more exercise into schedule( we got a new wii game) and that's probaly the reason for the great numbers I am having. We shall se next week if the pump switch was worth it and if my new exercise regimen(sp) has helped! —Hasta Luega, mi amigas*Lexia

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Blog(Again)...(:

Okkk...so this is like my 3rd or something blog and I know I barely blog but im trying to do better.....heres a few of my thoughts. Today was a rather BOOOrrrinng day, went to the dentist, then home and cleaned.ehh. But, im excited about Monday because im trying out for my schools tennis team...YEAH!! this will be my 1st time participating on any sports team and i really wish I make it..
As for my Diabetes, I must admit that finding the DOC was the best...I know my A1c is going to be so much better in February then my last A1c of 7.8:( okk. thats all I think I can say right now....Bye!! well Ill blog later(: