Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long time no blog...

I know,so much for keepin up with blogging. I just have Been really busy lately, from school to to tennis try-outs, and of course this crazy roller coaster we call diabetes. As most of you know last week I tried out for tennis! But, unfortuntately I did not make the team)..: they chose the whole entire team from last year and not a single new person): I mean really if you were going to pick the same people than what was the point for the try outs... Anyways- OmniPod is standing it's ground. I have had the most stable numbers I have seen in some time, even though my basal rates need to be adjusted just a little, I'm sure to have a great endo appt. come next Thursday. Also I have started to fit more exercise into schedule( we got a new wii game) and that's probaly the reason for the great numbers I am having. We shall se next week if the pump switch was worth it and if my new exercise regimen(sp) has helped! —Hasta Luega, mi amigas*Lexia

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